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For the past 2 years I've had this very annoying itchy rash that comes & goes, it's only on my face & nowhere else on my body! After changing skincare products & makeup with no relief I decided to get a food intolerance test done with Allergenics and SO PLEASED I did. Turns out I'm highly intolerant to Wheat & moderately intolerant to Dairy! So stoked to finally get to the bottom of it. Another crazy side affect I've noticed is that I'm alot stronger in the gym too. Highly recommend getting this hair test done even if you don't have stomach issues but you have other little niggles.

Ania Gratkowski July 20

Jordy's Story - As a Health Practitioner it became apparent to me early on that my son was having gut issues. With sleepless nights, sore tummies, constipation and issues with his teeth, we ended up checking for coeliacs, among other things. After 18 months I had become exhausted from the waking every sleep cycle of 45mins and breastfeeding non-stop through the night, that I decided enough was enough and I invested in 3x Allergenics tests for him. It was so sweet and sour to see that yes my son had a major issue, he had very high hydrochloric acid or GORD. He had silent reflux and even on the several occasions I asked our doctor to check into this, because he did not spit up as a baby it was dismissed. However it explained everything from the sleepless nights, to the enamel missing on his teeth. These tests are not only productive and reliable in my clinic, but have also proven invaluable in my personal life. I would highly recommend Allergenics for any case that you find is slow to progress, too complicated to choose the best plan, or your gut feeling says something is not quite right. I feel more confident knowing I have Allergenics to back my productivity and success in my field and my family. Thanks so much for helping me out, when I needed it.

Corrie Taylor, Medical Herbalist

Wow! I have just recently had myself and 2 teenagers tested. After just 3 days of changes we have seen a difference. Especially finding my daughter had a sensitivity to Chlorine. Bottled water for 3 days has already proven an amazing difference to her skin! The blotches and itchiness have just about gone! So pleased we went ahead with your testing. A long way to go to eliminate foods but already we are all feeling so much better!

Angela Gichard

Thank God!!! I finally have answers. Was a sceptic but did this out of desperation after having years of expensive tests. My gastro also recommended this. Cut out foods on list and I'm a new person. Thank you!!!

Misha Phelan

I used Allergenics with my 15 month old as doctors wouldn't test for coeliac or allergies - Allergenics confirmed my suspicions and now 5 weeks later my wee guy has amazing skin, is happier and is tolerating his new diet with no issues.

Jen Tay

Ever since using Allergenics I’ve felt amazing and most of my chronic symptoms have disappeared! Highly recommended.

Chantal Marie

The results were outstanding! - I first noticed after about a week how much more energy I had - I would literally bounce out of bed in the morning. Thanks for giving me the spring in my step back - I would definitely recommend a hair test to all!!

A Carr

Wish I hadn't waited and wish I had found this place earlier. I have been totally amazed by the effect cutting these foods out of my diet has had. My energy levels sky rocketed after 1 WEEK - noticed by my husband too!