New Practitioner Portal - Important Information

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of our practitioner website.

Each time you login you’ll be taken to the new homepage, which we’ve called ‘My Clinic’.

My Clinic
This is where it all happens.
Here you can place orders, view current and past orders and download previous reports. Please note you won’t be able to see any orders placed prior to 9 May 2019 but if you need any of the reports for those clients we can still provide these to you, just email us.

And some more great news! You can now order envelopes, posters, and brochures all from the My Clinic page.

Placing an order
To place a new order just click the ‘Create new order’ button on the My Clinic page. You will then be taken to our new improved questionnaire.

To save time on administration, the questionnaire is now largely multi-choice so providing your client’s information is now a lot easier. You will still have the chance to provide extra information at the end of the questionnaire.

Finally, you will arrive at the checkout page where you can select the tests you wish to order for your client and pay for your order. Please note, when you place your first order on the new site, you will need to re-enter your postal address and your credit card details, if you are paying by credit card. Be sure to select the option to save your credit card details so you don’t have to re-enter them every time. This information is all stored securely by Stripe and not on our own server.

The currency will be determined automatically by the country you are ordering from.

This section is designed to support you in your practice. We will add test information, blogs, and recipes on a regular basis. Feel free to share relevant web links for us to post in this space.

This site has been created with you and your customers in mind. You can also ring us any time if you require technical support.

Thank you for your ongoing business,

The Allergenics Team

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