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Optimum Nutrition Test

Good nutrition is a crucial aspect in creating a well-balanced life; it brings together our health mentally and physically. It filters into every phase of our lives from birth, through growth, to maturity, ensuring our bodies function effectively. Our nutrient status is governed by our diet, our lifestyles and many environmental factors that affect us. It is the combination of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our body seeks to carefully balance to ensure we do not suffer from excesses and deficiencies.  This can have a huge impact on our health, along with the heavy metal burden we carry in our bodies . At Allergenics we offer an Optimum Nutrition Test that is non-invasive, utilising your hair to analyse imbalances in your body function.

Unbalanced Nutrient Levels Is More Than Just Weight Gain

Poor diet and lifestyle habits can affect your overall wellbeing, resulting in unhealthy weight gains or losses as well as a myriad of other conditions. Diseases and other ailments can develop with an unbalanced nutrient flow into the human body, amplified by pre-existing conditions, which can lead to severe health risks. Generally, it seems we have concluded that the easiest solution to gain elevated nutrition is to simply correct any imbalances by taking a multivitamin every day to keep us healthy, however, we all differ in age, gender, environment, and so much more. Each human body is unique in its functional requirements so alleviating and relieving health problems with personalised corrective nutrition can make for more wholesome living.

 The Right Balance For A Healthier You

We encourage everyone to consider their nutritional status for healthier lives. Our Optimum Nutrition Test can assist you with understanding if your balance is as optimal as it can be and can help you make more informed choices to ensure your body receives the required nutrients, as well as guide you in making the right changes for your body. Nutrition can considerably dampen or improve your health and we understand why the correct balance is needed, so this test can help address your concerns quickly with a safe process, that is convenient and accessible to all ages.

No Need For Multiple, Tests

Our Optimum Nutrition Test is a comprehensive analysis, that does not require you to take multiple tests to identify imbalances. It can be frustrating trying to narrow down where your imbalance may lie with individual testing for each necessary vitamin or mineral we need. Results are confidentially conveyed in a timely manner and recommendations are provided to help resolve any deficiencies and excesses. Equipped with this valuable information, you can consult with a medical professional to implement healthier eating habits, review your environmental sources and introduce lifestyle changes to improve your nutrition. Optimal health starts today.

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Your first test is just $135. Additional tests are $99 each.

Who should take this test?

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This is an energy-based test that provides you with information on the extent to which nutrients and heavy metals are present in the body and how they may affect overall health and well-being. It does not provide information on physiological levels of nutrients and heavy metals in the body.

  • Suitable for all ages and stages
  • Identify your nutrient imbalances & heavy metal burden
  • For anyone interested in optimising their nutrition & wellbeing

What will my results tell me?

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Your test results are presented in a full graphic report, packed full of useful information that is personal to you.

Your test results will provide you with information on those beneficial nutrients that are imbalanced in the body, and also provides you with information on the presence of the most common heavy metals and whether or not they are causing a stress to the body. The nutrients found to be in balance in the body and those heavy metals not detected, are not reported in the results.

Your report will provide you with a clear guide on how to bring your nutrients back into balance and how to reduce any heavy metal load in your body. Each nutrient and heavy metal comes with a fully detailed profile outlining the main food sources of each nutrient, its role in the body and the effects of a possible deficiency or excess.

  • A fully comprehensive graphic report
  • Detailed information on vitamins, minerals and heavy metals
  • Complete overview of nutritional status and how to rebalance

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What are the next steps?

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Your comprehensive report will provide clear indications of any nutrient imbalances in your system which may need addressing.

  • Use your test results to better understand your nutrition
  • Implement report recommendations to help balance your nutritional status
  • Start your journey towards better health

And see your natural health professional for further guidance and support if needed.

What people are saying

Wow! I have just recently had myself and 2 teenagers tested. After just 3 days of changes we have seen a difference. Especially finding my daughter had a sensitivity to Chlorine. Bottled water for 3 days has already proven an amazing difference to her skin! The blotches and itchiness have just about gone! So pleased we went ahead with your testing. A long way to go to eliminate foods but already we are all feeling so much better!

– Angela Gichard

Thank God!!! I finally have answers. Was a sceptic but did this out of desperation after having years of expensive tests. My gastro also recommended this. Cut out foods on list and I’m a new person.
Thank you!!!

– Misha Phelan

I used Allergenics with my 15 month old as doctors wouldn’t test for coeliac or allergies – Allergenics confirmed my suspicions and now 5 weeks later my wee guy has amazing skin, is happier and is tolerating his new diet with no issues.

– Jen Tay

The results were outstanding! – I first noticed after about a week how much more energy I had – I would literally bounce out of bed in the morning. Thanks for giving me the spring in my step back – I would definitely recommend a hair test to all!!

– Chantal Marie

Wish I hadn’t waited and wish I had found this place earlier. I have been totally amazed by the effect cutting these foods out of my diet has had. My energy levels sky rocketed after 1 WEEK – noticed by my husband too!

– N.W.

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  • 1st company in NZ to offer hair analysis
  • Each report is looked over and analysed by our award-winning naturopath and prescription formulated accordingly

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