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Comprehensive Women's Health & Hormone Testing

Women's Hormone Testing

Women’s health can be a delicate balance of hormones, body functions and systems, as well as the nutritional wellbeing of a body that forms a diverse branch of healthcare and within this branch, every woman differs. From the way her body functions and processes, to how that delicate balance is maintained – each woman has a unique health system and body. Allergenics provides the service of hair follicle testing that specialises in hormone testing in NZ, which can help you determine imbalances and provide you with conclusive results to help guide you to correcting them with the assistance of healthcare professionals.

Don’t Leave Imbalances Undetected

Prone to imbalances, women facing such issues are more common than one may think. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are all periods within a woman’s life that can alter the balance of hormones, affecting organ health and body function. Varying levels of estrogen, progesterone, insulin and even steroids can severely impact one’s health and lead to more complications. Just as each woman has their own complex body with their formations of this balance, symptoms too can differ from woman to woman, which is why hormonal imbalances can often go undetected until a serious health crisis emerges. An imbalanced body can lead to excessive weight gain, decreasing energy levels, a declining sex drive and the occurrence of mood swings.

Assisting With Common Conditions

Allergenics can help with conditions such as PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome), Endometritis and early menopause with the results of hormone testing in NZ  These are conditions that are also only identified when they begin to negatively impact your quality of life on a day-to-day basis. The Comprehensive Women’s Health Test can also provide you with valuable information which may help with fertility, for those who want to start the process of conceiving. In-depth information about your own body can be useful in your journey to becoming a parent, as well as easing the natural stages of womanhood.

Easy To Use And Non-Invasive

These non-invasive tests are easy to use, with reliable processing that can give you more information on your health to improve your wellbeing.  During the process of assessing hair sample tests are conducted on several essential features to find potential new imbalances and locate existing ones. Allergenics hormone testing in NZ is suitable for women of all ages and can be adapted for children where required, with the convenience of doing it in the comfort of one’s own home. With easy to interpret results provided in an extensive report, you can make an informed decision on how to maintain balance or resolve imbalances in your own body. Women should be well-informed, with a good quality of life and be prepared for every stage of life. To start your health journey to an improved body and wellbeing, order your test today.

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Who should take this test?

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This is the ultimate health and well-being screen for women. It measures how well your body systems are functioning and provides information on your body’s organs and hormones as well as certain specialised nutrients associated with their function.

If you are looking for a test that gives you a detailed overview of how well your body is functioning then the Comprehensive Women’s Health Test is for you. This is the test for any woman who knows that she could be feeling better, but can’t quite put her finger on what’s going on. This test is also the ultimate in preventative healthcare, looking at possible areas of your health and body that may need support to help you be your optimal best, both now and in the future.

Our test is suitable for women of all ages and can be adapted for children.

  • Ultimate health and well-being screen
  • Tests specific vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients
  • Tests all major organs and hormones

What will my results tell me?

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Your test results are presented in a full graphic report, packed full of useful information that is personal to you.

Your test results provide information on how well your organs and hormones are functioning. Your results will also give you information on your major hormones, including female reproductive hormones, thyroid hormones and stress (adrenal) hormones, and information on key specialised nutrients.

Your test results will help you to identify key imbalances which may be affecting your health. It will also provide you with information on possible triggers for the imbalances, and suggestions on how to bring your organs and hormones back into balance.

  • Fully comprehensive graphic report
  • Identifies imbalances and possible causes
  • Easy to understand, in-depth information

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What are the next steps?

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Your report will provide clear indications of any imbalances in your system which may need addressing.

  • Use your test results to better understand your body
  • Implement recommendations from the report
  • Start your journey towards better health

And see your natural health professional for further guidance and support if needed.

What people are saying

Wow! I have just recently had myself and 2 teenagers tested. After just 3 days of changes we have seen a difference. Especially finding my daughter had a sensitivity to Chlorine. Bottled water for 3 days has already proven an amazing difference to her skin! The blotches and itchiness have just about gone! So pleased we went ahead with your testing. A long way to go to eliminate foods but already we are all feeling so much better!

– Angela Gichard

Thank God!!! I finally have answers. Was a sceptic but did this out of desperation after having years of expensive tests. My gastro also recommended this. Cut out foods on list and I’m a new person.
Thank you!!!

– Misha Phelan

I used Allergenics with my 15 month old as doctors wouldn’t test for coeliac or allergies – Allergenics confirmed my suspicions and now 5 weeks later my wee guy has amazing skin, is happier and is tolerating his new diet with no issues.

– Jen Tay

The results were outstanding! – I first noticed after about a week how much more energy I had – I would literally bounce out of bed in the morning. Thanks for giving me the spring in my step back – I would definitely recommend a hair test to all!!

– A Carr

Ever since using Allergenics I’ve felt amazing and most of my chronic symptoms have disappeared! Highly recommended.

– Chantal Marie

Wish I hadn’t waited and wish I had found this place earlier. I have been totally amazed by the effect cutting these foods out of my diet has had. My energy levels sky rocketed after 1 WEEK – noticed by my husband too!

– N.W.

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