Allergy Watch: Your Teen And Nuts

You are out having lunch with the whole family at a new restaurant, and you notice your teenager holding back a cough after eating a meal with nuts, but suspect nothing too serious. At a teen’s soccer game, you see your child wheezing after a snack break but don’t make much of it. These might be signs of an allergy which is related to nuts. Considering an allergen test at Allergenics should be your next immediate step. 

Here’s why you should come in for an allergy testing NZ to manage any reactions.   

You may have kept a careful eye on your child’s diet as they aged, moderating allergy reacting foods such as milk, eggs, and shellfish. And it is only natural to lax control as your little one enters their teenage years. Because unfortunately, there is a common misconception that allergens develop primarily in childhood, which is not always the case, allergies are hardly ever tested in the teens. 

When a flare-up occurs due to certain foods that your child consumes, such as nuts, you need to take measures to find out whether your teen is allergic to nuts or peanuts. Often, people confuse the two as the same, but peanuts are not a nut. They grow in the ground, like legumes. Nuts, on the other hand, are distinguished by how they grow on trees and come in a wide variety. These two share similar protein make-ups, which is why they can sometimes be interchangeable. 

Even if your teenager did not exhibit signs as a child of a peanut or nut allergy, they could show up later in life. A peanut or nut allergy is simply the human body trying to combat the proteins found in a peanut or nut. The immune system is confused and starts to attack back, causing an allergic reaction. It is also hard to determine how severe an allergy is. So, you cannot underestimate your teen’s symptoms after taking a conclusive allergy test. 

Symptoms can range from trouble breathing to vomiting and even going into anaphylaxis shock. Your first step after conclusive results from allergen tests is to amend your child’s current diet. This period can be frustrating for a teen – beyond puberty and hormonal changes – as they need to be wary of what they eat.

The addition of a food allergy can also make them anxious and affect their mood because going out with friends will be a little harder. But by reinforcing that it is for their well-being to take precautionary measures, you can have peace of mind knowing they are safe. 

Beyond scrutinising food labels and cutting off complete groceries with nuts or peanuts from your pantry, find out what snacks, sauces, and other ingredients can be alternatives.

It is a complete lifestyle change, but starting with a food and environmental sensitivity test for allergy testing in NZ, from Allergenics, will give you a better direction on the prevention and safety possibilities. Visit our website to find out how we can help you.

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