How to Dine Out with a Food Allergy

Suspecting that you have a food allergy can be concerning as it can impact your entire lifestyle. Moreover, it can be harder to manage if you are not sure what it is that is making your body go into distress mode. Although the first step to confirming your allergy is by taking a test for allergens NZ at an establishment such as Allergenics to find out what the cause is, many ignore allergies until it’s too late. Once you’re aware of the allergies, the quickest step to take is altering your lifestyle and diet.

While you may have a variety of safe options to eat at home, dining out can be stressful. Having a contingency plan and depending on the severity of your allergy, and with the guidance of a professional healthcare provider, you can distinguish what the safer options are to eat when you are out at your favourite restaurant.

Because trying to figure out where you can enjoy a meal without an allergy break, you may forgo the entire outing. It can be disheartening to keep declining invitations because of your uncertainty with your food allergy. However, with the proper support and correct lifestyle changes, this can be avoided.

With our simple precautionary tips, dining out with family and friends can be easier than you think.

Speak to Your Family and Friends

Before declining an outing because you are unsure of where you can eat, speak to your social circle. Explaining your worries about triggering foods and eating at restaurants you are unfamiliar with can help to alter set plans. It will also ensure that you can partake in dining out without the possibility of going hungry because of limited food choices.

Call Ahead 

It is essential to call a restaurant ahead to speak to the staff or manager to alert them to the seriousness of your food allergy. It is also an ideal time to validate how they cook around triggering foods and what alternatives they have on offer. By contacting the restaurant beforehand, you can have peace-of-mind knowing that your meal will be prepared carefully.

Take Your Own Food

Restaurants and chefs can be flexible in the preparation of food to ensure that customers have the best meal with them. However, sometimes, there is no way to avoid triggering foods in specific meals. Speak to a manager and ask if you can substitute their menu items for your own food.

There is no reason to compromise your social life for your food allergy. It would help if you were confident in your choice to dine out without worrying about cross-contamination or worse; landing in the hospital. It is always advisable to plan for an emergency because you can never anticipate an allergy flaring up. Thus, it is essential to always keep emergency contact details on hand as well as epinephrine injections.

By being up-front about a food allergy, one can enjoy a relatively fuss-free meal out and feel safer by taking these precautionary steps.  Better yet, you can contact our specialist for food allergy testing so that you are aware of your allergies and be better prepared for any outing, all the time. Call Allergenics today.

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