How to take a hair sample

    • We need a minimum of a ½ teaspoon of hair to obtain accurate results.
    • Please take your hair sample from the back of your head.
    • Cut your hair as close to the scalp as possible and supply us with the sample that is closest to your scalp.
    • Place the sample in a small paper envelope. DO NOT WRAP IN PLASTIC OR THE SAMPLE WILL BE INVALID. 
  • Place your full name, customer number and phone number on the OUTSIDE of the envelope for easy identification. 
  • If you have dyed hair and are doing an Optimum Nutrition test you will need to supply us with a sample from other parts of your body.
  • If you have dyed hair and you are doing 2 or more tests including an Optimum Nutrition Test you will need to supply us with 2 samples (one head hair and one from another part of the body) clearly labeled.
  • If you do not dye your hair we only need one sample of head hair for your tests.
  • If you do not have head hair please provide hair from another part of the body.
  • If you are unable to provide a hair sample we can also use a set of unpolished nail clippings.  Alternatively, you can provide a buccal swab.

How to take a buccal swab

Simply take a cotton bud and wipe it around the inside of both cheeks, wrap the used ends in some paper or paper towel and then place that in an envelope.

Please make sure your sample is clearly labeled on the outside of the envelope as per the example below:

Sarah Clairy
021 234 567

Sample of hair strands in a spoon for testing

What people are saying

Thank God!!! I finally have answers. Was a sceptic but did this out of desperation after having years of expensive tests. My gastro also recommended this. Cut out foods on list and I’m a new person.
Thank you!!!

– Misha Phelan

I used Allergenics with my 15 month old as doctors wouldn’t test for coeliac or allergies – Allergenics confirmed my suspicions and now 5 weeks later my wee guy has amazing skin, is happier and is tolerating his new diet with no issues.

– Jen Tay

The results were outstanding! – I first noticed after about a week how much more energy I had – I would literally bounce out of bed in the morning. Thanks for giving me the spring in my step back – I would definitely recommend a hair test to all!!

– A Carr

Ever since using Allergenics I’ve felt amazing and most of my chronic symptoms have disappeared! Highly recommended.

– Chantal Marie

Wish I hadn’t waited and wish I had found this place earlier. I have been totally amazed by the effect cutting these foods out of my diet has had. My energy levels sky rocketed after 1 WEEK – noticed by my husband too!

– N.W.
A family of 3 having a good walk in the outdoors

Don’t wait, your health is in your hands!

Test prices range from $99 – $135 each.