Living With A Wheat Intolerance

Often consistent abdominal pain, bloating, and skin problems can point towards a wheat intolerance.  While symptoms may vary from person to person, wheat intolerances can be extremely overwhelming because so many food items contain it. Because of this, some may ignore the symptoms to avoid complicating their diet, but confirming an intolerance can lead to … Continued

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Determining If Your Child Has A Food Intolerance As Opposed To A Food Allergy

A child suddenly experiencing shortness of breath or asphyxiation after a meal can be a parent’s worst nightmare and leave many feeling hopeless when dealing with the aftermath. Trying to determine what your child is sensitive to can also be challenging. A severe attack is often the only time food allergies or intolerances are diagnosed. … Continued

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Adorable newborn child smiling and looking up at mother and holding her hands

Hair Testing for Babies 

  September is the month with the highest birth rate in New Zealand, with October not far behind. Other countries share this statistic- Australia, North America, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the list goes on! 9 months after all those Christmas and New Year’s festivities, babies pop into the world more than any other time of … Continued

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