Group of girls hanging out in mall together, smiling and laughing to camera.

Case Study: Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

This recent case study from my clinic outlines the immense progress made by an eleven year old girl who had been having recurrent urinary tract infections. She came to my clinic because she and her mother were hoping there would be a better solution than the monthly rounds of antibiotics that Ella* had been taking … Continued

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Detour road closed and no entry signs on highway in California

Heavy Metals & Environmental Toxins: Roadblocks on the Path to Health

It is astonishing to realise how cavalier us humans are with our most precious asset, our health. The health of our planet and the health of our human populations are completely dependent upon one another, and yet we have spent many years continuing to load heavy metals and harmful chemicals onto our crops, into our … Continued

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