Organic vegetable Mangold in farmers hands

Consider Your Liver

Your beautiful liver. The organ that does the best job of recycling, waste sorting and rubbish disposal. Its huge. I mean literally. Its really quite a big organ. And heavy. It weighs almost 1.5kg. It sits there on your right hand side tucked up under your ribcage, just doing its thing.   If you do … Continued

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Picture of various foods high in magnesium like almond, chocolate, peanuts, watermelon seeds place in a wooden spoon

Magnesium: Critical for Energy and So Much More

The chances of you being magnesium deficient are just over 1 in 2. Some studies show that 60% of adults in the Western world are low in magnesium. So more than half of you reading this right now could do with a top up of this crucial nutrient. How crucial? Well considering magnesium is the … Continued

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