Picture of fresh vegetables

“But I Eat a Great Diet!”: Why You Might STILL Be Low in Some Nutrients

Farmers give their horses selenium when it’s needed. Midwives prescribe folate and iodine to pregnant women. Premature babies are given nutrient supplements. It is strangely, and wrongly, assumed, that everyone else can get all they need from their daily food.   Many people say “But I eat a really good diet, why would I be … Continued

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Picture of a woman coughing wrap in a blanket inside her room

It’s Winter! Clearing Coughs & Lung Congestion

The days may be getting lighter here in the south, but the temperatures are definitely getting colder. Despite it having been the warmest June/July on record, everywhere, after 14 months of it being the warmest months on record, everywhere, there are still frosts on the ground most mornings here where I live. All that just … Continued

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