Picture of a baby girl covering her two ears in a white background.

Ear Infections: A Case Study

This is a small snapshot of a somewhat typical case of an infant with recurrent Otitis Media, or inflammation or infection of the middle ear. Little ones are prone to ear problems because of their short eustachian tubes, which sometimes cannot ventilate and service the middle ear properly. Ear infections are one of the most … Continued

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Picture of a young girl breathing deeply and relaxing

Breathing Easy with Asthma

It is well known that New Zealand has astonishingly high numbers of people with asthma. Worldwide we are second only to the United Kingdom in the prevalence of asthma, which is not a silver medal to be celebrated. While it is unclear why our rates are so high, they are only getting higher, as they … Continued

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Picture of a woman enjoying her vacation on the beach.

Flaming Tropical Holidays, It’s Psoriasis!

The word ‘inflammation’ comes from the Latin ‘flamma’ which means flame. This will ring true for sufferers of the inflammatory skin condition known as psoriasis, who will often feel the heat, redness, itch and pain of their skin ‘on fire’. Paradoxically, the ‘treatment’ that people with psoriasis often report as being most effective, is a … Continued

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Picture of a woman sneezed using her handkerchief.

Rhinitis: Hay-fever, Sinus Congestion & Post-nasal Drip

Snot. There. Said it. Read on if you dare. Sinus congestion comes in many forms, and most of them produce some kind of snot. There is the runny, watery kind that streams out with sudden bouts of hay-fever, then there is the stickier, gluggier, goopier kind that comes in an array of colours and can … Continued

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