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New Zealand’s No.1 Food Intolerance Testing Service.

Why should I get a hair test from Allergenics?

Your hair is not only a reflection of what’s going on in your body, but of your overall health too. Your hair is able to retain energy patterns which can be measured and used to assess your state of health, naturally. Our testing services have gained huge popularity over the years and for over a decade now, we’ve been the leading supplier of natural health tests. Hundreds of natural health practitioners use our services regularly and thousands of people have benefited from our tests.


No lab visits, no hassles. Just send us a small lock of your hair and we do the rest.


Hundreds of New Zealand Natural Health Practitioners rely on our comprehensive tests.


Ours tests are reasonably priced so it’s affordable for the whole family.


No needles, probes or blood tests. Our tests are suitable for everyone including kids and babies.

Fast turnaround times

We are NZ based so we’re able to process your hair test MUCH faster than overseas based services, who may take up to several weeks. With Allergenics, it only takes a few days to receive your sample and we offer a speedy 10 day processing time.

Choose one of our 5 proven tests

These days it can be a real struggle to maintain a good balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. When you’re not feeling right it can sometimes be hard to find the underlying reasons. Allergenics tests will help unlock that picture for you.

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Food and Environmental

Food and Environmental Sensitivity Test
This test is able to identify sensitivity to a broad range of foods and environmental compounds and is our most popular test.

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Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition Test
This test reports on deficiencies or excesses of nutrients and is great for those on restricted diets, chronic medication, or for those who are just interested in their current nutrient status.

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Women’s Health

Comprehensive Women’s Health Test
This test provides a detailed profile of your body including your organ health, your hormonal balance, the status of certain specialised nutrients and the impact of these on your body’s vitality, balance, and general wellbeing.

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Men’s Health

Comprehensive Men’s Health Test
This test assesses the health of a wide range of body organs, major hormones and a select range of specialised nutrients. This full body assessment looks at what may be affecting your vitality, health and wellbeing.

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Sleep and Mood

Sleep and Mood Test
This test assesses the healthy functioning of those organs, hormones, neurotransmitters and nutrients involved in healthy sleep and mood. It looks at the physiological factors associated with mood and sleep and helps to identify any imbalances.

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Start the journey towards better health.

Finding out what is happening in your body is the first, and most important step you can take.
Your first test is just $135. Additional tests are $99 each.

What people are saying

Wow! I have just recently had myself and 2 teenagers tested. After just 3 days of changes we have seen a difference. Especially finding my daughter had a sensitivity to Chlorine. Bottled water for 3 days has already proven an amazing difference to her skin! The blotches and itchiness have just about gone! So pleased we went ahead with your testing. A long way to go to eliminate foods but already we are all feeling so much better!

– Angela Gichard

Thank God!!! I finally have answers. Was a sceptic but did this out of desperation after having years of expensive tests. My gastro also recommended this. Cut out foods on list and I’m a new person.

Thank you!!!

– Misha Phelan

I used Allergenics with my 15 month old as doctors wouldn’t test for coeliac or allergies – Allergenics confirmed my suspicions and now 5 weeks later my wee guy has amazing skin, is happier and is tolerating his new diet with no issues.

– Jen Tay

The results were outstanding! – I first noticed after about a week how much more energy I had – I would literally bounce out of bed in the morning. Thanks for giving me the spring in my step back – I would definitely recommend a hair test to all!!

– A Carr

Ever since using Allergenics I’ve felt amazing and most of my chronic symptoms have disappeared! Highly recommended.

– Chantal Marie

Wish I hadn’t waited and wish I had found this place earlier. I have been totally amazed by the effect cutting these foods out of my diet has had. My energy levels sky rocketed after 1 WEEK – noticed by my husband too!

– N.W.

Who’s behind your test results?

Our team are highly qualified health professionals from all areas of natural medicine including Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Scientists.

Natasha Berman Founder & Director

Natasha is the Founder and Director of Allergenics – Health Assessment Services, Australasia’s leading Hair Testing Service. Natasha is a qualified Naturopath with over 20 years experience. She is also the founder of Qbaby.

Brett Friedman Chief Health Officer

Brett Friedman is a qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Medical Research. He has over 20 years experience in the natural health industry.

Stephanie Kercher Practitioner Support & Naturopath

Stephanie is a qualified Naturopath and has a degree in Health Science from Charles Stuart University (N.S.W. Australia). Stephanie also heads up our Practitioner channel support.

Sarah Pearce General Manager

Sarah has been part of the Allergenics Team since 2011 working in various departments of the business. She was appointed General Manager in 2017.

Kelly Villis Naturopath, Quality Assessment Officer

Kelley is a qualified Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. She has been part of the Allergenics Team since 2009, enjoys working with mothers and babies as well as specialising in skin conditions.

Don’t wait, your health is in your hands!

Your first test is just $135. Additional tests are $99 each.